Sovereign Libya under NATO Threat: ICJ & ICC Must Protect the world from Western Fascism

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Dr. Abdul Ruff Colachal Blog

Sovereign Libya under NATO Threat: ICJ & ICC Must Protect the world from Western Fascism

NATO-UNSC must End illegal War against Libyan Arabs! (12)



While the western fascism has really gone rampage having pushed the mischievous UNSC into their pocket, double-speak and double-standards are the hallmark of the unilateral USA since the world war 1: it supports those forces that promote imperialism, colonialism and capitalist values, but try to destroy those nations that either oppose them or stand in the way of its imperialist voyages for resources. The enemy concept of America and its Neoconservative nuts stems from this attitude of American leaders.

Libya is a fine example of a sovereign, but energy rich nation now under western fascist siege in this.

The NATO beasts and vultures are feasting on Libyan corpses, on the strength of UNSC resolution 1970 authorizing ‘’”noflyzone” to protect civilians. Washington is…

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