Save Us And Our Children From Electronic Slavery! Wake News Radio/TV

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Save us and our children from electronic slavery
Abb.: ICAACT, EUCACH, Wake News Radio/TV

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In a special broadcast Detlev of Wake News Radio/TV interviewed 2 representatives of the international organizations ICAACT and EUCACH, both non-profit organizations set up by victims of electronic harrasment by powerful forces behind the Military-Industrial Complex. a complex which seems to be determined to enslave, harrass and even destroy mankind by knowledge of our governments around the world.

Currently both organizations are bringing forward these issues to international human rights organizations in order to lobby for a concert action against this harrasment. For this purpose they went to Geneva in order to present these concerns and facts to representatives of leading human rights groups, also related to the UN and the EU.

Therefore we had the chance to meet in Basel, Switzerland for a summary presentation of their efforts in Geneva and the next steps to be taken.

Melanie Vritschan, spokesperson…

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