11-1-14… “An End to the Crown: Republic of Kanata convenes”

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republic_of_kanata_button_1[Kp update 1433 HST: as I have mentioned in a few places, like the Kp Radio Hawaii Shows, this certainly looks like what I have seen many countries doing, claiming their sovereignty and operating along side the former system.]

This may be of high interest to all those interest in watching/pursuing “sovereignty” issues. Certainly many in Hawai’i will be looking at this (and their process) as the Kingdom of Hawai’i operation is restored.


An End to the Crown: Republic of Kanata convenes

The Republic of Kanata – Live Free or Die

Special Pre-Convention Bulletin: November 1, 2014

In this Issue:

1. Secretary’s Pre-Convention Report and Regional Updates
2. The Draft Proclamation of Independence and Constitution
3. Local Work: Campaigns, Issues and the Training of Local Leaders


Pre-Convention Report
by Colin Sullivan
Secretary to the Provisional Council for the Republic of Kanata, Winnipeg

Fellow patriots,

Hundreds of new…

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