Hampstead: Leaked Medical Reports End All Doubt About Sexual Abuse Claims

Crimes of Empire

Witness and Victim G. Witness and Victim G.

March 11th, 2015.

Leaked Medical Reports End All Doubt About Sexual Abuse Claims.

The medical reports end any debate regarding the fact that children A and G were the victims of child sexual abuse in Hampstead and underline the criminal nature of the police interviews of September 17th, 2014. The question now is who is being protected? Who has the influence and power to cause the British police such an obvious and inexplicable mid investigation rethink? Clearly there is much more than a Z grade actor and the reputation of a school at stake here. Neither would logically merit the police choice to destroy this investigation and cover up these heinous crimes.

Background Chronology

September 5th 2014.
“A referral was made to the Barnet CAIF by (mother’s partner’s) brother in law who is a special constable. Following a disclosure by A and G that they had…

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Operation Garden Plot is a strategy developed by the U.S. Military and National Guard to respond to any major domestic civil disturbances that may occur within the United States.

Uploaded on 28 Aug 2006
Jean Soderman is asked if UNITED NATIONS AGENDA 21 will be worse then what Hitler did. She says “YES” She has attended the UN Summits, and now reports back to her community at home.



Published on 31 Jan 2014
EXTINCTION Plan for Humanity DEPLOYED Silent Weapon System
Deborah Tavares
Proof Declaration Of War Against The People / Document Full Read

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The Refugee Law Project

The Refugee Law Project’s position paper on the announcement of formal
investigations of the Lord’s Resistance Army by the Chief Prosecutor of the
International Criminal Court and its implications on the search for peaceful
solutions to the war in northern Uganda.

The Biggest Secret In American History..
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Military Intervention in Civil Disturbances

Source: http://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/military-intervention-in-civil-disturbances/

The following documents have been released regarding how the military can “help” during certain civilian disturbances.

PDF: Convergence: Special Operations Forces and Civilian Law Enforcement, July 2010 by Dr. John Alexander [123 Pages, 3.7 MB] – John B. Alexander’s monograph about the convergence of Special Operations Forces (SOF) and civilian law enforcement activities is timely considering the U.S. Government’s revamped strategies to promote more capable and effective governments and improve security in southwest Asia. The strategic concept includes fully resourcing security training for military and police forces. U.S. strategic objectives envision two outcomes: a) governments that can provide effective internal security with limited international support and b) military and police security forces that can lead the counterinsurgency and counterterrorism fight with reduced U.S. assistance.

PDF: Defense Support of Civil Authorities, 16 May 2008 [570 Pages, 41.2 MB] – Natural or man-made disasters and special events can be so demanding that local, tribal, state and non-military federal responders are temporarily overwhelmed by the situation. The Department of Defense (DOD) has a long history of supporting civil authorities in the wake of catastrophic events. When directed by the President or the Secretary of Defense (SecDef), United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM} will respond quickly and effectively to the requests of civil authorities to save lives prevent human suffering, and mitigate great property damage. The Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan 2008 (JSCP) directs CDRUSNORTHCOM to prepare a plan to support the employment of Title 10 DOD forces providing Defense Support of Civil Authorities (DSCA) in accordance with (lAW) the National Response Framework (NRF), applicable federal law, DOD Directives (DODD), and other policy guidance including those hazards defined by the National Planning Scenarios that are not addressed by other JSCP tasked plans. DSCA is a subset of DOD civil support that is performed within the parameters of the NRF.

PDF: March 10, 2009, Alabama MPs were sent from Ft. Rucker to the streets of Alabama to assist after a murder spree[14 Pages, 479k] – Although not directly related to Garden Plot, I feel that this set of documents is best suited here. Many have theorized this incident was a violation of federal law. In a FOIA request to the Army, I was able to obtain all documents associated with this incident, along with the memorandum of understanding between Ft. Rucker and the Sheriff’s department of the area.

PDF: Military Police Internment / Resettlement Operations, FM 3-19.40 [235 Pages, 16.93 MB] – Army Field Manual FM 3-19.40: Military Police Internment/Resettlement Operations. Military Handbook for Police Internment and Resettlement Operations. Field Manual depicts the doctrinal foundation, principles, and processes that Military Police will employ when dealing with enemy prisoners of war, civilian internees etc. Provides that the provisions of the Geneva Conventions are applicable to captives and detainees from the time they are captured until they are released or repatriated. . . . Detainees receive humane treatment… captives and detainees are not murdered, mutilated, tortured, or degraded.”

Operation Garden Plot
Operation Garden Plot is a general U.S. Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States. The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and is now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). It provides Federal military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances.

PDF: Department of Defense Civil Disturbance Plan (Operation Garden Plot) [253 Pages, 400k]

PDF: Operation Garden Plot [146 Pages]

PDF: U.S. Army Field Manual 3-19.15 Civil Disturbance Operations [256 Pages]

#Pedophilia in #Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ – #TheresaMay!

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Pedophilia in Britain ‘woven into the fabric of society’ – Theresa May ~ RT.

As the UK has launched a new-judge led inquiry panel to investigate a pedophile ring operated in 1980s, the Home Secretary warns the allegations are just a “tip of an iceberg” and the problem is “woven, covertly, into the fabric of our society.”

Following a spate of allegations concerning the abuse of children by adults, many of who abused their positions of power and status, Home Secretary Theresa May said Britons still do not appreciate the“true scale of that abuse.”

Writing in the Telegraph, May warned that the investigation into predators of children will “lead into our schools and hospitals, our churches, our youth clubs and many other institutions that should have been places of safety…”

Following Thursday’s announcement of a four-person panel to investigate the criminal activities against minors, May said Justice Lowell Goddard…

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JUDGE KEEHAN: Please Order #BarnetCouncil to Return the #WhistleblowerKids to their Russian Family!

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

15 03 11 App Notice p115 03 11 Draft OrderBelinda McKenzie, on behalf of the Hampstead kids, mother and partner, grandparents and Sabine McNeill, made application to Judge Keehan to give her an Order against London Borough of Barnet

  • for the return of the kids to their mother
  • assistance with repatriation in Russia with grandparents,
  • for court’s protection of family witnesses at the schools and church from being kidnapped by agents of London Borough of Barnet,
  • and local Police (who are the accused),
  • and for Sabine McNeill’s safe return to UK.

Judge Pauffley was handed a copy of the application and it is for her to give the Draft Order sought later.

Judge Keehan’s Order must have been the reason for her Ladyship NOT to hand down the judgement as anticipated by the father and LB Barnet.

Why is this application interesting? Because it turns the tables:

  1. the Applicant is ‘our side’
  2. the Defendant is LB Barnet
  3. another judge…

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The CIA Secret Prisons in Europe. Political Camouflage in the EU. Washington’s “European Partners in Crime”

The CIA Secret Prisons in Europe. Political Camouflage in the EU. Washington’s “European Partners in Crime”

Global Research, March 04, 2015
secret prison poland

It is common knowledge that at end-January 2015 the global movement Amnesty International published a report, titled “Breaking the conspiracy of silence: USA’s European “partners in crime” must act after Senate torture report”, which throws further light upon the information gathered within the US Senate investigation into torture methods, applied by the Central Intelligence Agency, by referring to media reports on the way CIA-operated secret detention sites were run in Europe – in particular, on the territory of Lithuania, Poland and Romania. As a matter of fact, it was several years ago when it first became known that CIA tortured terror suspects not only in these countries but also on the territory of another EU Member State – namely, Great Britain. According to the Lawrence Wilkinson, former Chief of Staff to the US Secretary of State, after the terror attack of 11th September 2001 the CIA used the US military base on the island of Diego Garcia, located in the British Indian Ocean Territory, to conduct interrogations and torture terror suspects who had been abducted from various countries without any court order whatsoever.

After the US Senate report got published, the European Parliament adopted a special resolution on 11th February 2015 in which it:

“expresses its deep condemnation of the gruesome interrogation practices that characterized these illegal counterterrorism operations; underlines the fundamental conclusion by the US Senate that the violent methods applied by the CIA failed to generate intelligence that prevented further terrorist attacks; recalls its absolute condemnation of torture”.

The resolution also highlights the fact that:

“the climate of impunity regarding the CIA programme has enabled the continuation of fundamental rights violations, as further revealed by the mass surveillance programmes of the US National Security Agency and secret services of various EU Member States”.

In this context, the US Government is called on:

“to investigate and prosecute the multiple human rights violations resulting from the CIA rendition and secret detention programmes, and to cooperate with all requests from EU Member States for information, extradition or effective remedies for victims in connection with the CIA programme”.

The European Parliament also:

“reiterates its calls on Member States to investigate the allegations that there were secret prisons on their territory where people were held under the CIA programme, and to prosecute those involved in these operations, taking into account all the new evidence that has come to light”.

At the same time it:

“expresses concerns regarding the obstacles encountered by national parliamentary and judicial investigations into some Member States’ involvement in the CIA programme, the abuse of state secrecy, and the undue classification of documents resulting in the termination of criminal proceedings and leading to de facto impunity of perpetrators of human rights violations”.

Furthermore, the resolution “calls for the findings of existing inquiries relating to Member States’ involvement in the CIA programme, in particular the Chilcot inquiry, to be published without further delay”.

Considering the above, we are unpleasantly impressed by the fact that the Council of Europe and its Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) have hitherto failed to demonstrate the due will to discuss the refusal of the governmental authorities in Vilnius, Warsaw and Bucharest to investigate the multiple occasions of human rights violations, ensuing from the agreement of these countries to host the establishment of CIA black sites on their territory. Such an attitude erodes the very foundations of the European Union, weakens the belief of European citizens that their fundamental rights are truly guaranteed, divests the EU of its moral authority and discredits its allegiance to the universal human values.

The US Senate report and the one issued by Amnesty International, unequivocally point out that the above three EU Member States, as well as Great Britain, played a key role in the implementation of this CIA “operation” on the territory of the Old Continent. Without the help of these governments the USA would not have been in the position to detain and torture people for so many years, applying such inhumane methods as waterboarding and mock execution, sleep deprivation, use of coffin-sized confinement boxes or sexual threats.

It is high time that Europe became aware of the fact that the time for paying lip service to the condemnation of these crimes or the attempts at their covering up is over for good. The governments of Lithuania , Poland and Romania can no longer hide behind the unconvincing “national security reasons” and “state secret” arguments, thus refusing to bring to light the entire truth about their role for the torture and abduction of people in their countries. Jozef Pinior, one of the legendary leaders of the Polish “Solidarity” trade union, member of the European Parliament in the period 2004 – 2009 and of the Parliamentary committee on secret CIA prisons in Europe, now a Polish senator, points out:

“The information in the Washington Post about the fact that Polish intelligence services received USD 15 million to “host” a secret CIA prison in the country compromises the entire Polish state which should elucidate this issue as quickly as possible. This unquestionably confirmed the grimmest hypothesis that under Leszek Miller Poland turned into a “banana republic” to the USA . Another deplorable fact is that our national services have contributed in no way whatsoever to the disclosure of this conspiracy. This is an extremely disgraceful situation. The Polish state, the judicial system and the Government should publish the investigation findings as soon as possible. Otherwise we are going to become Europe ’s laughing stock. It turns out that we while we give lessons in democracy to countries like the Ukraine , we take money from the US to allow them to practice illicit torture of people on our territory”.

In its turn the Bulgarian Government should state its official support for the appeal of Amnesty International and the European Parliament and urge the authorities in Vilnius , Bucharest and Warsaw to undertake an immediate and full investigation of this case and to prosecute those involved in the tortures. Let us be reminded that most of the victims of these malpractices are Muslims and in the context of surging anti-Islam mood after the terror attacks in Paris and Copenhagen it becomes even more important to find out the truth about the secret CIA “black sites” in Europe.

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