JUDGE KEEHAN: Please Order #BarnetCouncil to Return the #WhistleblowerKids to their Russian Family!

In the Best Interest of the 'Whistleblower Kids'?

15 03 11 App Notice p115 03 11 Draft OrderBelinda McKenzie, on behalf of the Hampstead kids, mother and partner, grandparents and Sabine McNeill, made application to Judge Keehan to give her an Order against London Borough of Barnet

  • for the return of the kids to their mother
  • assistance with repatriation in Russia with grandparents,
  • for court’s protection of family witnesses at the schools and church from being kidnapped by agents of London Borough of Barnet,
  • and local Police (who are the accused),
  • and for Sabine McNeill’s safe return to UK.

Judge Pauffley was handed a copy of the application and it is for her to give the Draft Order sought later.

Judge Keehan’s Order must have been the reason for her Ladyship NOT to hand down the judgement as anticipated by the father and LB Barnet.

Why is this application interesting? Because it turns the tables:

  1. the Applicant is ‘our side’
  2. the Defendant is LB Barnet
  3. another judge…

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