This cruelties to civilians (allowed) by own goverments and/or authorities have to stop.

A very good friend of me is daily tortured by an awful sadistic technology. He is not the only one. All over the world there are governments, companies, and freaks with too much money in their pocket, do this towards their fellowmen who they consider as a threat, a rival, or a “potential terrorist”. Behind the frontages of any “peaceful” street, things might things occur, which any sane person would put in deep shame belonging to the human race.

Published on 12 Mar 2014
( very graphic, so therefore only the link )

… This is what the coventry police are doing to me
my name is Denis Osullivan and this is brutal torture to serious murder every day Í scream like this and the torture by police is getting worse… i am gangstalked by police since 2009 and targeted since 2002

Since some days the tortures that bad, that he needs to leave his home. His legs and feet are in very bad shape, and are bandaged up. Denis will wear, when outside his “Targeted Individual”

These crimes against humanity are equal to the NAZI- tortures and experiments. They belong to  the “Microwave Frequency Warfare”

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