The Hague Invasion Act

Great Seal of the United States

Effective August 2, 2002
Public law 107-206
Statutes at Large 116 Stat. 820
Legislative history

American Service-Members’ Protection Act

The American Service-Members’ Protection Act (ASPA, Title 2 of Pub.L. 107–206, H.R. 4775, 116 Stat. 820, enacted August 2, 2002) is a United States federal law that aims “to protect United States military personnel and other elected and appointed officials of the United States government against criminal prosecution by an international criminal court to which the United States is not party.” Introduced by U.S. Senator Jesse Helms (R-NC) and U.S. Representative Tom DeLay (R-TX)[1] it was an amendment to the 2002 Supplemental Appropriations Act for Further Recovery From and Response to Terrorist Attacks on the United States (H.R. 4775).[2] The bill was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on August 2, 2002.



ASPA authorizes the U.S. president to use “all means necessary and appropriate to bring about the release of any U.S. or allied personnel being detained or imprisoned by, on behalf of, or at the request of the International Criminal Court.” This authorization has led the act to be nicknamed The Hague Invasion Act,[3][4] because the freeing of U.S. citizens by force might be possible only through an invasion of The Hague, Netherlands, the seat of several international criminal courts and of the Dutch government. [5]

The act prohibits federal, state and local governments and agencies (including courts and law enforcement agencies) from assisting the court. For example, it prohibits the extradition of any person from the U.S. to the Court; it prohibits the transfer of classified national security information and law enforcement information to the court; and it prohibits agents of the court from conducting investigations in the U.S.[citation needed]

The act also prohibits U.S. military aid to countries that are party to the court. However, exceptions are allowed for aid to NATO members, major non-NATO allies, Taiwan, and countries that have entered into “Article 98 agreements“, agreeing not to hand over U.S. nationals to the court. The president may waive this prohibition if he determines that to do so is “important to the national interest of the U.S.”[citation needed]

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Journalists & Shailene Woodley Illegally Arrested At Oil Pipe Action

Published on 16 Oct 2016

Protests at the North Dakota Access Pipeline, fighting for clean water, have been met with absurdly repressive resistance from the police. Militarized police were sent to break up extremely peaceful protests. They arrested actress/activist Shailene Woodley and 27 other protesters. Similarly, near the environmentalist shutdown of the Tar Sands Oil pipeline, not only activists were arrested, but also award-winning documentarian Deia Schlosberg. When the local police prepare themselves with ultimate force to arrest peaceful protesters and journalists, they make journalism a dangerous crime. What could this mean for the future of political opposition in America? Lee Camp discusses this and more on Redacted Tonight.

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How America’s Police Became An Army: The 1033 Program

The hearings of the Monsanto Tribunal have been very impressive, and so was the People’s Assembly.

Published on 17 Oct 2016

The Monsanto Tribunal is an international civil society initiative to hold Monsanto accountable for human rights violations, for crimes against humanity, and for alleged crimes against the environment. Between 14 and 16 October 2016, eminent judges heard testimonies from victims, and deliver an advisory opinion following procedures of the International Court of Justice.

During the last two days the world was watching witnesses’ testimonies, lawyers’ pleas, and the first impressions of the judges. We had 750 participants in The Hague representing 30 nationalities from all over the world, thousands were following us online on the livestream and social media, and the Tribunal received a lot of press attention. Both victims and experts thanked us for giving them a voice on this important international platform; and a very well documented voice in this new process to hold corporations accountable for their acts.


The chairwoman of the Tribunal, Judge Tulkens, expressed the importance of the Tribunal in an interview with the French newspaper, Le Monde: “The questions of the access to water and to healthy food are old. Those are not new issues coming out of the mind of angry activists. Those issues, just like the right to a healthy environment are likely to become more important with climate change. It is our duty to set legal tools to face those issues. The Monsanto Tribunal is a step and a tool within this dynamic.”
The Tribunal received quite a lot of media coverage. From French and German TV news programs to many newspapers and radio programs in various countries. See the links on our social media platforms (and later on the website).


Monsanto was invited to the Tribunal, but decided not to appear for their defense. We did get their attention though. They issued a statement in 5 languages saying that we are ‘pushing’ the wrong issues, since the real discussion is about feeding the world. Monsanto fails to see feeding the world in a safe way was exactly the topic of the Tribunal of the discussion farmers, consumer movements, and their associated networks had in the parallel People’s Assembly. Many eminent speakers stressed that Monsanto and agribusiness giants like them do not feed the world. Rather, they are involved in producing commodities, feed for animals, fuel for cars, and sugar for the food industry at a very high cost for human health and environment. This is production that feeds profit, not people. It’s the small- and medium-scale farmers that are actually feeding the world.
This Tribunal and People’s Assembly are about showing the tremendous costs of industrial farming for humans, for health, and for nature. They are also about standing up to Monsanto and their likes, and stopping them from poisoning our world and controlling our food supply, One way to do this is by showing the true cost of the current global food system, and the very real alternatives that exist.
Nnimmo Bassey at the opening said: “Being an ambassador to this Tribunal is like being an ambassador to mother Earth. If mother Earth could speak, Monsanto ought to be in jail long before now. Food is a celebration, it is culture, it is life. This is a struggle not against one multinational corporation, it is a struggle for life, it is a struggle for liberty. A struggle to stop big companies from colonizing our food systems, colonizing our agriculture, holding mother Earth as a slave for their profits.”
Please follow us on Facebook where many pictures and videos have already been posted. You can also see them if you have no Facebook yourself. In the coming weeks we will continue to release short interviews of the witnesses, experts and lawyers, as well as the speakers in the People’s Assembly. We will also add all of this to our website, including all the hearings of the Tribunal and the written testimonies in different languages. Please be patient, we will keep you informed!
The judges are now thoroughly reviewing the evidence from legal briefs and witness testimonies to answer the six questions posed in the Tribunal’s terms of reference. They will then present a legal advisory opinion, hopefully soon but if necessary next spring: we will supply logistic support, but the timing is up to them.
As Judge Tulkens said, “We will try to deliver the legal opinion before December 10th, the International Day of human Rights. It will be addressed to Monsanto and to the United Nations. From this legal opinion, other jurisdictions can be involved and more judges will step in. We, as the judges [at the Monsanto Tribunal] have seen, heard, noted and deliberated. Chances are that the international law will take into consideration new issues such as the ones related to ecocide.
We would like to thank you and all the volunteers for your amazing support. This would not have been possible without you. Stay tuned, follow us on social media, show your support and share messages wherever and whenever you can. Ask friends to sign their support. Together we will put an end to the era of poisoning and exploiting the world and move onward to a system where we work with nature instead of waging a war against it.

English mailing list

Newsletter Monsanto Tribunal – The Monsanto Tribunal has started!


Date: 15 oktober 2016 11:06


Dear supporter of the Monsanto Tribunal,


We are experiencing something very special here today. Representatives from movements all over the world have travelled to The Hague for the Monsanto Tribunal and the parallel People’s Assembly. On this World Food Day we will conquer language and culture barriers to strengthen the world food movement. You are supporting this and you are part of it. This is great! We all need this movement to put an end to the era of unpunished poisoning and exploitation of the earth as soon as possible.


Please follow us online and watch the livestream (just click on your preferred language, followed by “prev”) from the Tribunal.


See our updates on our Facebook page. You do not need to be a member to view our videos and pictures there. If you have an account though, please share them, like us and invite your friends to do the same.


And if you are on twitter, follow us @monsantotribun, retweet us and all the others that tweet about the Tribunal and the People’s Assembly. Tweeting about the Tribunal is a great way to show your support! The # of the day for Saturday 15th is #MonsantoEcocide (and we’ll send you a new one for Sunday 16th).


If you have not donated recently, please do it now if you can afford it. We need your support to strengthen the movement, to give the victims a voice and a platform and to take on Monsanto, Bayer and their likes.


The era of pesticides and war against nature is coming to an end. We are now entering the era of agroecology, of cooperation with nature to share life on earth and enjoy its abundance. We refuse more chemical warfare, patenting of life, junk food, land grabs and dependence of farmers on large corporations. Instead, we are standing together for a world where we reward farmers for their very important work, celebrate biodiversity, take care of healthy soils, and supply land for those who will use it wisely to grow good food for all.


Help us to move forward, be part of the movement.


Thank you!



Globalist attempts to silence me have backfired, and put me in an extraordinary situation where I now have the attention of the Areios Pagos, the Supreme Court in Greece, after it has been forced to deal with the massive irregularities in my case. I am going to use this one-time opportunity to send an Open Letter […]


Back in Court tomorrow for Occupy Wall Street protesters arrested on the Brooklyn Bridge – On the 5th anniversary of the arrests – Join the PCJF in Court in New York on October 4th, 2016

Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

Read on…..


Join the PCJF in Court in New York on October 4th, 2016. The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit has scheduled oral argument in the class action filed over the mass arrests of 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge during Occupy Wall Street, Garcia et al. v Bloomberg, et al.  for October 4, 2016 at 10:00 a.m.

The Court is located at 40 Centre Street (40 Foley Square), New York, NY 10007. Bring ID. We advise showing up 30-60 minutes early to allow time to get through security. Travel information can be found here.

On October 1st, 2011 the NYPD engaged in one of the largest mass civil rights violation in NYC history, trapping and arresting 700 people on the Brooklyn Bridge who were peacefully engaged in First Amendment activities as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Those suddenly arrested without warning included teachers, health care workers, students, parents of small children, tourists and many others. The mass arrest decision came from the highest command staff, ordered by then-Chief of Department Joseph Esposito after consultation with then-Commissioner Kelly. There were the first days of the Occupy Movement and the police were employing super-aggressive, unconstitutional tactics against this new, promising and peaceful social justice movement.

The police escorted and led the peaceful march from Zuccotti Park through the city and onto the roadway of the Bridge. Once having led and escorted hundreds of protesters to enter the vehicular roadway of the Bridge, the police suddenly trapped and mass arrested those present without warning, notice or opportunity to comply with any order.

Despite running for office promising reform from the Bloomberg/Kelly policing model for First Amendment activity, Mayor De Blasio has doubled down on Mayor Bloomberg’s position seeking to immunize and insulate the NYPD and all its officers and command from any accountability for these mass violations of free speech. His legal position, if left unchallenged, puts all those who peacefully participate in demonstrations and comply with all police directives at risk of suddenly being arrested and jailed without any notice. This not only threatens and chills First Amendment activity, but places New York City squarely in legal conflict with every other jurisdiction that has visited this issue.

For five years the PCJF has persisted in defending the fundamental constitutional rights at stake seeking to have the courts recognize this sweeping mass civil rights violation. We will appear before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit to argue why the plaintiffs should be allowed to proceed in this case.

Click here to make a donation to support these critical legal efforts to defend free speech and the right to dissent.

Partnership for Civil Justice Fund

Criminal Trial: Heirs of Creation vs US Corporation 8.25.2014 (Raw, unedited. Audio only)

Published on 25 Sep 2016

Raw, unedited audio recording of the criminal trial against the US Corporation by Natural Law. Trial heard by the Court of Ages. The US Corporation was found guilty of fraud, extortion, human trafficking, involuntary servitude, murder, high treason, and crimes against humanity.

Justice: Gary Jordon, California
Prosecutor: Cindy Kay Currier, Michigan (at the time)
Defendant failed to appear